cat reality

The reality with cats is they sleep and eat all day long then at night time they go outside. then in the morning they come in and do it all over again.


Apples to apples story 2

One day some sailors were going camping. They were on there way when they saw some roosters on the road and decided to bring them along. What the sailors didn’t know was that one of the roosters got very car sick. So about an hour later the sailors heard a vomiting noise, and there was a horrid smell! The sailors pulled over, and when they did they saw a very car sick rooster and a lot and I say a lot of rooster vomit. Some of the other roosters where crying it smelled so bad. When they finely got to the camp sight and were setting up camp one of the roosters opened the box of sharp knives and  all of them fell out because the roosters knocked it over, and then the sailors stared crying and when the sailors got home and were with their families they declared it was the worst week of their life!!! THE END

Appels to appels story

Once upon a time Abraham Lincoln was sneezing and coughing and hacking and he was hacking and coughing so hard he was vomiting! So you get the point. Well it was a Tuesday when he had gotten sick and now it was Saturday when his story really begins. Well it was Saturday morning and he could feel it coming on – he was going to have the biggest sneeze of his life! Well when he opened his eyes he realized that the blast had taken him to the bottom of the ocean! He saw something that made his mouth open (and you all know that wasn’t very nice). It was a portal but he had no idea so he just swam to it (but the problem was that it was in a sunken ship). When he had gone through the portal he found himself in the world’s greatest hiding place. Well when he had gotten out of that mess he wandered into a hockey stadium! Then he was so confused; and then he woke up and he found it was all a bad dream, but then his story started coming true.

What my brother does for fun

My brother is four years old. And this is a list of his favorit movies, books that he gets read, toys and wii games. My brothers favorit movies: The Star Wars movies, Harry Potter movies, Lord of the Rings and Veggie tales. My brothers favorit books that he gets read: Harry Potter, the Chronicals of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. My brothers favorit toys: legos, toy guns, light sabers, wands, hand cuffs and food. My brothers favorit wii games: Lego Star Wars wii game and the Pirites of the Caribain wii game. so thats what my brother does all the time. THE END

How to get rid of little brothers

Step one: If He is bothering you say you will do what ever it is that he wants you to do with him later or when you are done doing what you are doing. But if he refuses say you will be right with him, and then very quickly you must do step two.

Step two: Now you must find some different reason why you cant do what ever he wants you to do. And if you are having trouble, here are some good ones: I need to go to the bathroom, mom needs me, I need to make a phone call.

Step three: Grab something to do and go hide in a room and quickly do whatever it is you have to do. When your brother walks in and again asks you to do something say you are busy. If you are having trouble finding something to say here are some good ones: pretend to read, pretend to do homework.

And thats as far as I can get you – good luck with your brothers! 🙂

very scary short stories

Once upon a time, a little girl called little Red Riding Hood was walking through the forest to her grandma’s house. Her grandma had a very bad cold and was stuck in bed. Little Red Riding Hood was bringing her grandma some bread and butter and tea bags.Little Red Riding Hood had reached her grandma’s house and went inside. Meanwhile a zombie had seen her in the forest and heard her humming, “we’re going to Grandma’s house we’re going to Grandma’s house today over the woods and through the stream.” So the zombie followed her directions to get to her grandma’s house and when he got there slightly before Little Red Riding Hood he ate her grandma’s brains when she was asleep and found a way to make himself look like her, and even I dont know how he did it. Well anyways, he was in grandma’s bed when little red riding hood came inside and when she did she was shocked at how her grandma looked. She stared asking questions like, “why is your skin so green?” And then the zombie ran out of answers and just ate her brains too, and lived happily ever after destroing towns and citys. THE END